Saturday, August 10, 2019



Held captive on an unknown world, Gideon Serrano has time to ponder the wisdom of his recent decisions. With damage inflicted upon the star-freighter Indravati and conditions worsening outside the sphere of Terran Alliance space, the orders Gideon received when he assumed command of Indravati were to return to home port. Gideon considered the orders open to interpretation.

A wary peace is unraveling along the border stars. Fleets of warships have gathered on both sides. Gideon had every intention of following his orders … eventually. First he chose to embark on a quest which took him deep into reaches of space where human presence is unwelcome, throwing his career away for answers that may be impossible to obtain. If he can't find the relation between recent events and the one man surely behind it all, millions will die.

Held captive, Gideon Serrano has time to ponder … are those millions already dead? Has he unknowingly made a mistake which has condemned the human race to an alien war?

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