What is Indravati?

Indravati is a novel of character driven science fiction adventure. It's a novel of space freighters; colonies on distant worlds; alien encounters; and, most importantly, one big fat moral dilemma. Have you ever made a choice, a decision you were sure was the correct one even though everyone around you said otherwise? The captain of the starship Indravati makes such a decision. If he's wrong, he has condemned the human race to an alien war.

Paperback and Kindle ebook.

Too many novels today are set in dystopian futures. I have the feeling things will turn out for the better, and this is reflected in my work. I've tried to create a universe in which people can see themselves, a universe where you would want to live, filled with characters you would want to sit down and have beer with. If this appeals to you, visit my website and have a look at a sample of my work.


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